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Assessments Features

Assessments are valuable during every phase of the employee life cycle. Assessments provide non-biased, scientific evaluation of new candidates and current employees. They provide a quantitative measure of progress throughout the employee life cycle in various forms.

Behavioral/Personality Assessment

Gauge the behaviors and motivators of your employees. Deliver coaching and training in mediums that will be best received by your employees and watch their progress soar. 

Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessment results allow you to better match employees to roles you have. This is a powerful and legally defensible assessment for talent decision making using scientifically validated measures. 

Safety and Reliability Assessment 

Identify possible job-related behavior problems and how to address them before extending an offer. This assessment can prevent issues in employee productivity and safety protecting your business from future liability with smarter decisions. 

Job Assessment 

Go beyond the job description to get a clear understanding of who will excel in each role. These assessments help you to better define and understand the different roles within an organization and provide useful insight for creating new roles. 

Identify Leadership

Identify budding leaders in your organization and help current leaders understand how to continue developing their leadership skills. Leadership assessments help your leadership understand their leadership style, strengths, and weaknesses providing a clear plan for their leadership development.

Employee Retention

Employees are more motivated when they are working in roles they fit into, in environments where they are supported by leaders and colleagues. Increase employees' loyalty to your organization by providing them an environment they can succeed in and continue to develop themselves for other roles in your organization.

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