Background Screening

Protect your business


Background Screening Features

Protect your business without slowing down the onboarding process with thorough background screening with lightning-fast results. Make it a step in your Onboarding process for consistent application. 

Multiple Screening Options

Thorough background screening works to protect your business from the wrong candidates getting in. Get all the pre-employment checks your business needs; background checks, identity check, criminal background, MVR and more. 

Fast Results

Obtain thorough background screenings without delaying the onboarding process. E-signatures expedite the process and new technology help return database reports faster.  

I-9 and E-Verify

Automated I-9 and e-verify works to ensure compliance. Securely store and import completed forms in SinglePoint. 

Ensure Compliance

Consistent use of background screenings eliminates arguments for discrimination and ensures that special roles with specific background requirements are met. 

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Seamlessly implement drug and alcohol screening into your onboarding process. Choose from a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services that send to candidates and your provider automatically. 

Candidate Experience

Provide your candidates with a better experience through accessibility and transparency. They'll feel more confident in the need for the processes in place with more understanding.


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Protect Your Business

Add consistent and thorough background screening to the hiring process to get the information you need about new candidates and ensure a consistent experience between employees. Protect your business by preventing the wrong candidates from getting into your organization and limit your liability with consistent application of processes. 


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