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Benefits Administration Features

Streamline your entire benefits administration process while adding flexibility to easily support whatever benefit plan design your broker builds for your business, regardless of class structure, tiers or regions. Employees can easily access their portal during open enrollment and make life-event changes throughout the year. Employees gain control of their benefits and your HR team gains time to focus on other efforts. 

Benefits Portal

Employees shop and enroll for benefits with an easy-to-use online portal configured to make it easy for employees to find everything need to find information need during open enrollment and as life events occur. 

Carrier Feeds 

Automatically update all of your carriers without pressing a button. From employee elections to address changes, all updated information is fed directly to carriers without rekeying.

Total Compensation Statements

Illustrate the investment your business is making in your people by highlighting benefits in personalized compensation statements. 

Comprehensive Eligibility Logic

Drive consistent application of your benefit rules with configurable eligibility logic, simplifying the employee experience.

Plan Comparisons

Employees receive side-by-side plan and cost comparisons to see what plan will benefit them the most. 

Paperless Enrollment

Eliminate the shuffle of paper with digital signatures and online workflow. Easily monitor the enrollment process and automatically alert stragglers.


More Benefits Administration Capabilities



Empower Employees

Benefit Administration simplified for all of your employees to access whenever they want and confidently make plan changes. Everything in one place, simple and easy to use. Employees will have access to information about their benefits to help them understand what plan benefits them the most. They can make adjustments and keep track of their benefits in one place, with no HR follow-up needed. Employees enjoy having access when they want it and HR enjoys the freedom to expand their focus. 



Speak Their Language

Benefits are complicated, but they don't have to be for your employees. Employees will experience an interface they understand because it was built with them in mind. It mimics online platforms that they are familiar with, like online shopping and social media sites; providing information in a way that makes sense to them, in a system they're confident in using. Employees will enjoy using the portal and electing in benefits instead of being stressed about whether they are making the correct choices. 




Benefits Administration with ACA

Check ACA off your list with your Benefits Administration platform. Get data on all employee's enrollment choices to be able to file with confidence and convenience. 

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