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Compensation Plan Options

Employees want to know their compensation will continue to grow with their work. A dedicated compensation management system helps your staff to create plans, calculate and administer easily, allowing your business to regularly reward your workforce and retain talent.


Eliminate manual processes with processing merit-based changes. Made to support your planning strategy, format, formulas and approval strategy. 


Calculate bonuses on multiple factors and target by department all in one place. Schedule bonuses at any interval and manage prorations and splits with ease. 


Communicate what your organization does for your employees with total reward statements. Educate them on the total value proposition in place.  


Consolidate reporting makes equity planning a breeze. Employees will enjoy their portal access where they can view statements, sign agreements and access documentation. 


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Let Compensation Build Retention

It's no secret that competitive pay is key to employee retention. Help employees understand their compensation structure and they will feel more in control of their compensation. Illustrate the entire contribution your organization makes for every employee with total compensation statements so they can see what the value of their offering.


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