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hrOS -- Connecting the Best

SinglePoint is the only true hrOS™ (human resources operating system).  It's a new breed of Core HR that is your central, global hub for all Human Resources data. It provides powerful HR management capabilities and is the focal point of delivering best-of-breed, end-to-end human capital management. 

Track Everything

From standard HR data like leave, workers comp and job history, to obscure fields like favorite author or hurricane zone, SinglePoint is your home from everything; so, you can stop the spreadsheet madness!

Reporting & Analytics

Our enterprise reporting and analytics tools provide easy access to your data. Strategic reporting in a graphical format helps your organization make the right decisions quickly. 


Skip the paper, phone calls and emails! With ESS (Employee Self-Service) and MSS (Manager Self-Service), employees are empowered to view, change, analyze and manage information from an easy-to-use web or mobile app secured by role.   


Easily communicate with your organization. Provide instant access to critical announcements and documents. Tailor your communication by securing by role, department, location, etc.


From leave requests to pay increases, our flexible workflow engine operates the way you operate, driving through the appropriate approvals, in a paperless process. 


Using Single Sign-On (SSO) and APIs, SinglePoint protects your investment by making access simple for users. Access to all capabilities is just a click away -- no multiple logins or disruptive workflow.


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Value to Your Business

Moving to SinglePoint Core HR brings tremendous value to your organizations. Beyond simply saving administrative time, which can be significant, SinglePoint Core HR allows your business to perform better in key areas. 

  • Happier More Productive Employees: Providing employees with the tools they need to get work done, makes for a happier and more productive workforce.
  • Ability to Grow Faster: Your business is dependant on getting the right people, in the right jobs, doing the things that add value to your bottom line.  Our software can help.
  • Data -- The Fuel for Your Business: Report and Analytics tools empower your organization with critical insights to better strategic decisions. 
  • Free IT: Our service model frees your IT staff to focus on core business objectives while SinglePoint supports HR.
  • Stop Duplicate Entry: Q. How many times should HR enter an employee address? A. Zero. No joke! With the proper ESS and workflow, not only does HR save time, but costly errors are eliminated too. 



More Features Included

  • Fast, secure cloud hosting
  • OKTA, One Login, Azure, AD Integration
  • PTO Accruals
  • Team directories
  • Role-based for a tailored user experience
  • Organizational charting
  • Multi-company management (one-to-many) 
  • Amazing support!





Every HR department gets best-in-class cloud software along with a knowledgeable, dedicated team of people that care about your success. With our API and automated data exchange capabilities, we add the services you need without the need for your IT team to manage complex integrations. Additional services can be added on as your organization's needs and capabilities change, without disrupting the current system. 

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