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Expense Management Features

Stop chasing a paper with an expense management system that makes it simple to record and log expenses as they're made. Receipts are logged, not lost and your people on the road get their time back from filling out expense reports.


No more lost receipts! Keep track of receipts by scanning them in as they're paid. Mobile capabilities allow employees to scan receipts online or offline!


Extract data directly from scanned in receipts and let it automatically populate fields in the appropriate forms. Reduce manual entries for expense reports and finish them faster than ever. 


Identify spending patterns throughout the organization, find averages across departments. Identify preferred vendors with advanced reporting capabilities. 


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On-Time Expense Reports

Expense reports can be a challenge to complete on-time and with all the necessary information included. Lost receipts, skipped entries and just an insufficient amount of time to complete are hurdles that the correct expense management system can eliminate. 

Designed with the user in mind, giving a place to store receipts and pulling information into reports in real time. No more missing receipts or late reports. 




Increase Compliance 

Add your travel policy and let your expense management system keep everyone in compliance. Set expense limits for different departments and categories. Employees will receive a notification letting them know when they are out of compliance; increasing their accountability and reducing compliance violations. 

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