Reporting and Analytics

The capabilities of reporting and analysis tools can make or break an HCM system. SinglePoint has embedded IBM Cognos to deliver the complete range of BI capabilities: Reporting, Analysis, and Dashboards. With IBM Cognos, you don’t have to sacrifice depth of functionality for ease-of-use. Cognos provides an end-user tool that is easy to use for creating ad-hoc reports. It also provides powerful capabilities for advanced users and developers. Cognos is used heavily by Fortune 500 companies. Its ease-of-use has enabled the product to be deployed in environments with tens of thousands of users. IBM Cognos is completely integrated into the SinglePoint user interface and security model. Outlined below are the three types of Cognos users packaged with SinglePoint.Make better and smarter business decisions faster with solutions that take business intelligence (BI) to a whole new level. SinglePoint leverages BI from IBM, to provide broader analytic capabilities so that everyone (HR, Payroll, Finance, Managers) has the relevant information they need to drive your business forward.

Features and Benefits

Reporting Capabilities

  • Business users create reports without asking IT.
  • Add any report to the SinglePoint menu.
  • Automatic security inheritance from SinglePoint (e.g., managers only see their direct reports).
  • Schedule report to run automatically.
  • Build colorful report and graphs.
  • Schedule report to run automatically.