Leave Management

Effortlessly Track Employee Leave



Leave Management Features

Managing employee's sick and vacation time can be a headache, but it doesn't have to be. Our Leave Management system can be customized to your organization's leave rules and approval structure to manage the clerical tasks for you. Employees can check their balances and create requests all in one place. Managers receive requests for approval and time-off banks are adjusted as time is used.

Automated Leave Tracking 

Employees submit electronic time-off requests to managers for approval. Report on request history, easily spotting peak usage and trends. 


Reduce Unauthorized Leave

Employees can view current and future time-off balances before submitting requests. Prior to approving requests, managers can also view available balances and authorize accordingly. HR is instantly alerted to potential policy violations.

Consistently Apply Policies

Easily manage complex time-off policies with our rule-based leave management system. Consistent enforcement mitigates the risk of litigation and employee grievances. 



Leave Management Simplified

Track and manage employee leave all in one place. Ensure consistent application of policies and have instant records of requests with a rule-based leave management system. 

PTO and sick time accruals are calculated within the system each pay period, leave requests will deduct from the time off banks once they are approved. Employees can manage and track their time-off accruals and plan their vacation time accordingly. 


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