Create smooth transitions


Get New Employees Off to the Right Start

Nothing kills first-day excitement like paperwork and missing equipment! Maximize new employee excitement with an Onboarding system that ensures all tasks are completed on time and have forms completed before the start date to let new employees hit the ground running.

Company Introduction

Provide a warm welcome for all incoming employees with a branded new hire portal that provides them all the information they need to be prepared for their first day. 

I-9 Management

Efficiently administer I-9, W-4s and other required forms within the onboarding packet. Completed forms are securely stored in HR/Payroll and information from applicable fields are automatically transferred where you need them. 

Federal and State Tax Forms

New hires can complete and submit tax forms in Onboarding. Applicable information is transferred to matching fields and forms are securely stored in HR/Payroll. 

Offer Letter Management 

Improve job offer acceptance rates by sending candidates a professional, branded offer letter, in an instant. Electronic signatures allow candidates to accept and return. Dramatically decrease your time to hire and never let a candidate slip away. 

Handbook and Policy Sign-off

Provide clear expectations with your company handbook and policies as new employees are getting started. New employees will sign acknowledgments of policies and signed acknowledgmentsare stored electronically to be easily accessed whenever needed. 

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures help reduce time spent on onboarding activities from the moment they sign their offer letter through completing all the onboarding documents. Valuable time and paper saved.


Streamline All of Your New Hire Processes



Task Management 

Getting new employees prepared for their first day involves several departments to ensure they're equipt to get started. Coordinate onboarding tasks across departments and keep track of completed tasks in a single view. 

Start candidates on the right foot with a clear view of tasks to complete before their first day. They'll have a clear expectation of what they need to have completed and what they will need on their first day. Check in on their task progress to stay on top of what needs to be done. 




Onboard at Scale

Prioritize your onboarding software when your organization is looking to grow, will be looking for seasonal employees, hiring hourly employees or when experiencing high turnover. A comprehensive onboarding system brings in new employees more efficiently and aids in employee retention from day one. 




Onboarding Templates

Stop getting bogged down by onboarding paperwork and tasks. Create templates for various locations, departments, positions and more to use later and save time. Choose your template, customize when needed and let Onboarding administer the rest.

Attract More Candidates, Hire Better Employees

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