Streamline everything connected to pay

Scheduling, time collection, paperless payroll, expense management and more. 

Critical to Your HCM

Our PAY solutions are key to delivering an HCM that adds value to your business. Drive down labor costs and increase productivity while empowering employees with solutions that make life easier. 


Tax Services, Compliance and More

A powerful combination of software and service puts time back in your day while ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations.  If you are an enterprise running multiple companies with employees scattered across the country, ask to see features designed especially for you. Let us help you execute a perfect, punctual payroll in a fraction of the time.


Time and Labor

Easily Collect and Manage Time

Collect time with a variety of time collection options including an iPad kiosk, web clock, bar code or biometric clocks. Distribute labor the way you need it and get real-time analytics. Our powerful rule engine manages shift work, time accruals, and holiday pay and more. 



Schedule the Right Workers at the Right TIme

Easily build and communicate schedules with powerful online scheduling. Get a solution built specifically to address your industry's needs.  Have complex needs like scheduling nurses based on contract requirements? We can help! Employees will love the ability to check schedules from a mobile app. Shift trades with approvals are a snap. When unexpected no-shows happen, react faster by sending notifications to all available and qualified employees.


Pay Cards

Convenience for Everyone

Our Pay Card solution is the perfect complement to direct deposit. You eliminate the costs associated with paper checks, such as shipping and bank fees. Employees don't have to stand in line to cash checks and avoid check-cashing fees. Additionally, they get expanded purchasing options with features like bill pay and merchant transactions wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted.   


Expense Management

Effortless Expense and Travel Management

Never have a late expense report again. Keep track of expenses accrued as they happen. Scan in receipts and information is pulled into expense reports, less to remember to keep track of and less to enter. Expense reports are completed with less work and faster than ever before so your employees on the road aren't caught up filling in expense reports and no more waiting for expense reports to be completed to be submitted for reimbursement.


Tax Credit Services

Save Thousands with Federal and Local Tax Credits
Maximize your tax savings by utilizing tax experts to identify where your business can save. Developing employees or developing the local economy can save your company on taxes. Utilize experts who can help build a strategy to help benefit more people and save your business on a large expense. 


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