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A Better Way to Pay

Through our easy-to-use, cloud-based software and amazing service team, SinglePoint dramatically simplifies even the most challenging payroll environments. We make it easy to get payroll right and leave time in your day.  

Go Paperless!

Use Direct Deposit, Pay Cards, and a simple online employee portal to eliminate paper and save time, money and trees!

Instant New Hire Data

Eliminate manual entries. One click moves 100+ fields and all required forms from Recruiting and Onboarding. 

Tax Filing

Our comprehensive tax services handle tax deposits and reporting for all US states and localities.  

Data Integration

Transfer your benefit files, 401(k) information, retirement plans, and much more automatically to your preferred vendor(s) with our integration capabilities.


Our tax and compliance solutions take the sting out managing ever-changing regulations. Intelligent software simplifies compliance of stacked garnishment and child support calculations, mandated sick leave, and more.

General Ledger Integration

Regardless of your financial system or labor distribution complexity, SinglePoint can generate import-ready entries to your General Ledger System.  


Streamline Payroll Like Never Before



Empower Employees -- They'll Love It

Self-service: Give employees control over their payroll information. Employees gain access to paperless pay statements and W-2s through their employee self-service portal. Employees can access unlimited pay history, eliminating document requests coming through emails. Ensure accuracy and avoid multiple entries by allowing employees to directly update their information. 




Time and Labor Integration

Ensure accuracy with automatic time entry updates from Time and Labor. Simplify your payroll, eliminate re-keying entries, and eliminate errors. Give time back to your team, managers, and employees by letting Time and Labor and Payroll work harder for you. 

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Pay Your Way 

Get the options that fit your business and employee types.

  • Direct Deposit: We'll take care of uploading the file to the federal reserve to disburse payments. 

  • Paycards: A great option, not only for employees without bank accounts, but a convenient payment form for other situations. Learn more.

  • Paper Checks: When you need it ─ will print the checks, sign, seal and disburse for you. 

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