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Pay Card Features

Pay cards help your organization become paperless and improve your image with employees. Pay cards provide the option of direct deposit and immediate access to funds for employees that don't have bank accounts to set up direct deposit. Cards are loaded every pay period and employees can check their balances online, receive cash from ATMs, and more with Pay Cards.


Cut Paper and Costs

Eliminate the cost of checks. Say goodbye to printing costs, overnight postage, and bank fees for stop-payment and reconciliation with stolen checks.


Pay cards are designed to provide more security for your organization and your employees. Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen checks and employees gain the security of their funds. 

Easy to Manage

Designed to be flexible and user-friendly, making adding employees and administering payroll quick and easy! 


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Your Employees Will Thank You!

Offering pay cards provides more than just a means of payment for employees, but saves them time and gives them new options. Funds will be automatically available to them instead of having to cash their paycheck. Cards are accepted anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, giving them a new, secure way to pay. They can even get cash from ATMs when they need it. 

Online account access allows them to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and find ATMs. Alerts can be set to send a notification when the account balance drops below a specified amount.

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