Performance & Goals

Develop employee performance


Performance Review Features

Make performance reviews better for everyone! Save your team time creating performance review templates and administer in minutes. Provide reminders for managers and their team members when reviews are near. Use consistent performance reviews to educate employees on their progress and provide encouragement moving forward.

Performance Review History

Use performance history to learn more about every employee's development history. Identify strengths, weaknesses and the most effective strategy for improvement on an individual level.

Role-Based Competencies

Choose from a list of competencies to grade from and take the guesswork out of trying to determine competencies for each role.  

Performance Templates

Performance reviews evaluate performance in a number of categories. Create templates for each category and combine them for reviews and easily drag in templates for each department/role.


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Performance is a Place for Growth

Performance reviews have a bad rap, but they don't have to. Performance reviews should be used to have an open and honest conversation with employees about their progress in their role and towards their goals. 

Making performance reviews easier to administer opens the possibility for quarterly or bi-annual reviews with less disruption. Employees will become more comfortable with performance reviews as they become more familiar with the process. The increased frequency allows them to make adjustments throughout the year to improve their performance instead of anxiously awaiting a year-end assessment. 




Include Goals in Performance Reviews

Goals created in Goal Alignment can be included in performance reviews to get a complete view of progress. Evaluate progress on goals and review comments left by managers throughout the cycle that should be considered in their performance review. 

Once the performance review is complete, use goal planning to set new goals based on the results. Employees will feel that their development is valued when goals for improvement are set following a review.



Goal Alignment


Goal Alignment Features

Be a part of your employees' goals throughout the year. Managers can monitor progress on their team's goals and provide coaching throughout the process. Align employees' goals with their manager's goals and organization goals and let them see how they impact the growth of the organization. Keep employees motivated with their goals by seeing their progress as they update their goals.

Track Goal Progress

Set goals and check in on their progress. Employees can easily manage their goals and ensure they are on track to complete their goals on schedule. Managers can leave public and private comments on progress to provide feedback.

Align Goals and Strategy

Employees can view how their goals link to their manager's goals and the goals of the organization. Employees value the work they do more when they feel they are making a difference. Illustrate their impact in the organization and let it drive their performance. 

Peer Support 

Employees have the option to publically publish goals to get support and feedback from their peers. They can post encouragement, praise on progress and help provide resources to assist in development. Moving further, faster, together.


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Show Employees Their Impact 

Employees are more motivated when they can see that what they do impacts the overall business. They want to know that what they do means something. Goal Alignment can illustrate how their work and development directly/indirectly affects other areas of the business and builds on growth. 

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