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Pulse Survey Features

Pulse surveys give your team a real-time view inside the organization. Collect human-level data over time to identify changes across the organization. Understand how employees are responding to changes in the organization as they happen and identify potential problems before they arise. Uncover employee values to provide them with benefits that align with their needs and wants to improve employee retention.


Create custom polls to look deeper into specific issues and get real-time feedback. Attach custom feedback questions on weekly surveys to get a deeper insight into what is happening in your organization. 


Easily track what matters on the reporting dashboards. Create custom reports to dig deeper into specific areas and issues before taking action. 


Create a safe place by protecting employee identity with anonymous feedback. Authentic employee feedback will become a valuable asset for your organization. 

Weekly Automated Surveys

Regular feedback provides a history of performance, a snapshot of the present and a road map for the future. Schedule regular quick surveys to keep records with organization changes and growth. 

Feedback and Conversations

Ask follow up questions to dig deeper into suggestions left in employee feedback. Start private conversations by responding directly to the feedback received. 

Team Reports

Visualize team health with simple, easy-to-read reports. Visual data allows you to track trends and identify issues early. 


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Understand Managers and Employees 

Identify the managers and teams that could benefit the most from your support and create the most impact. Introduce an open-dialogue to find collaborative solutions and show them that you are working for a resolution to serve all parties. Let the success continue to fuel the fire for success in other teams to create a better workplace for everyone.




Take Actions with Confidence

Get a complete view of what is happening within the organization and become proactive in creating solutions. Utilize human-level data to identify potential problems. Assess issues and confidently take calculated actions backed by the information provided. 



Improve Leadership and Trust

Employee's trust in your company is directly influenced by their leadership experience. Build great leaders. Use survey data to align managers with coaching and guide them with strategies, tactics and expert advice based on the feedback from their direct reports. 


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