Cloud Software for Hiring 



Attract, Nurture, and Hire the Right People

Hire "A" players with a recruiting platform that works to source, evaluate and delight candidates. Engage your hiring team with a platform that lightens the load of creating and posting jobs, letting them focus on candidates with tools to assist in their evaluation. Hire "A" players that mirror the culture of your organization and create long-lasting bonds with your employees.

Job Board Management 

Streamline posting to all your recruiting sites. Manage accounts and gather reports to build more effective postings to attract more candidates. 

Interview Scheduling 

Found a great candidate? Get their first interview scheduled in a snap with interview scheduling. Set the availability for all members and let candidates choose a time that works for everyone. 

Candidate Scorecards

Create scorecards to provide a consistent baseline for how candidates are rated for every role. Choose competencies for each position and gauge how they fit into your culture.   

Passive Sourcing

Source for candidates that may not be searching on job sites, and reach them on social sites they use every day. Create an employee referral program to aid in sourcing talent from those that know your organization best.

Branded Career Sites

Your brand matters to more than just your customers; it matters to your employees and future employees too. Bring your branding into your recruiting and customize the candidate experience. 

Candidate Texting

Reach candidates faster with texting. Ensure they get your message right away and keep everyone on the same page with all messages feeding to the dashboard.


Win the War for Talent



Reach Top Talent 

Get in front of top talent, no matter where they're searching

  • Job Advertising Strategies 
  • Job Board Management 
  • Google Job Search
  • Social Media Recruiting
  • Referral Management
  • Text to Apply
  • Seamless Scheduling 



Ask the Right Questions

Choosing the right competencies for different roles can be challenging, but it is vital for finding the right candidate. Recruiting software helps you choose the correct competencies in less time and provide detailed interview questions to ask the right questions, to find the best candidate for the role.

  • Multi-Level HR Competencies
  • Strategic Interview Guides
  • Predictive Performance Indicators



Cultivate Talent Pools

Save impressive candidates for future openings with talent pools. Candidates interested in your organization can leave their application when there are not open positions that match their skills. When a position opens that fits the strengths of a previous applicant, re-engage with them and send them the job posting for them to apply. 

Employee referrals are a valuable source of talent. Employee referrals bring in more talent that aligns with your culture, helping your organization quickly find the right fit for skills and culture. 

  • Talent Communities
  • Employee Referrals
  • Re-Engage with Qualified Candidates 

Attract More Candidates, Hire Better Employees

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