When you become a SinglePoint client, we don’t just sign you up and walk away. We learn about your business and become your partner. This enables us to provide the best possible solutions, proactively help you manage change and continually add value as your business grows.

The SinglePoint Engagement Process

  1. Listen. We begin each client implementation by bringing together representatives from all involved departments (payroll staff, HR staff, etc.). We ask questions that will give us clear picture of your HR and business goals and challenges. We listen carefully to what you say and don’t impose our assumptions on your business.
  2. Advise. We provide feedback and recommendations based on industry best practices, available technologies and industry trends, offering suggestions for ways to enhance existing systems, solutions and business practices to maximize your HR, payroll and time and attendance processes.
  3. Customize. We help you customize SinglePoint’s business rules, access controls, screens and reports to meet your organization’s needs.
  4. Integrate. We will help you integrate external applications and data into SinglePoint.
  5. Train. We will train your staff, on your timetable, to help you hit the ground running with SinglePoint.
  6. Support. We provide responsive, ongoing customer service and technical support to help keep your systems and processes running smoothly, answer any questions and continuously identify areas for improvement to meet your evolving business needs.