Time & Labor Management

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Remote or at work, we have you covered!

Time and Labor gives your team, managers and employees their time back. Seamlessly connect Time and Labor, Payroll and Core HR to eliminate the need for manual entries and ensure total accuracy.

Labor Cost Breakdown and Reporting

Feed labor cost information directly into your accounting system to more efficiently allocate resources and employee count at various locations.

Easy for Employees

Employees are more autonomous with access to their schedule and time cards. Checking the schedule is quick and simple, keeping employees more accountable. Time cards can be viewed and sent for corrections when needed before they need to be submitted for payroll. 

Service for Managers

Managers will have access to reports to keep them aware of employees approaching overtime and ACA compliance. Automated manager alerts let them know what needs their attention so nothing is missed.


More to Consider



Flexible Time Collection

Select from a wide range of time collection options: 

  • Traditional badge or proximity clocks
  • Tablet or iPad kiosk with photo and/or facial recognition. 
  • Timeclock App for employees to clock in on their own devices. 




Enhanced Compliance

Update pay changes before they happen to eliminate adjustments later, maintain compliance and ensure a happy workforce. 

Set rules for: 

  • Automatic punch rounding
  • Holiday pay
  • Shift premium pay
  • Job or department switching
  • Attendance exception management 
  • Attendance occurrences




Time Entries Update in Payroll

Time entries are directed into the payroll system for effortless and accurate payroll. Eliminate the need for manually tracking time accruals and time entries for payroll. 

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