Why SinglePoint?


SinglePoint is driven by a vision to deliver a competitive advantage through our strategic approach to selecting and deploying HR Technology. 


Today, a new way of delivering HCM has emerged. No longer does it take five years to roll-out all of your HCM modules only to find that it does not meet your organization's goals. Now you can rapidly acquire HCM capabilities that are right for your organization when you are ready for them. SinglePoint makes that all possible with a new kind of HR delivery model called an hrOS (human resource operating system), included with our Core HR.  




Successfully acquiring and deploying innovative HR technology that's right for your business, requires a multi-partnership approach. SinglePoint is your trusted partner for HR technology selection, deployment, and service. In turn, we rely on an ecosystem of HR technology partners to supplement our proprietary technology and deliver what is fast becoming the preferred methodology, the best-of-breed approach. You'll see our technology solutions in mid-sized businesses and fortune 100 companies. 


We bring together the best minds in the HR Technology industry to deliver a solution that is world-class in every perspective. Not only do we employ brilliant people, but we surround our offering with top talent from the top innovators in the HCM space. Most importantly, we bring you a comprehensive team you will know and trust in each HR discipline.


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