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Cloud-based Software and Services to Hire, Engage, Manage and Pay. 




Ready for the New World of Work?

SinglePoint delivers best-of-breed, cloud-based HCM (Human Capital Management) software and services tailored to fit your culture, structure, industry, and budget. Our solutions work together for the optimal employee experience at work, at home, or on the road. 



Win the Talent War

Find the right candidates, assess the fit, and get them on your team quickly! Gain access to the latest in remote hiring technology, including video interviewing, virtual career fairs, and paperless onboarding. 


Elevate Your Teams

Give your people the tools to connect, grow as individuals, and conquer once insurmountable goals.

Get cloud-based LMS, performance, and engagement software to keep your team and company moving in the right direction.


Automate HR and Make Better Decisions

SinglePoint's Core HR is coupled with solutions to help you efficiently and effectively manage your workforce. Empower employees with employee self-service and manager self-service. Easily comply with the latest regulations. Get control with benefits administration, and solutions to manage documents, workflow and more.


Streamline Time, Payroll, and Taxes

Our full payroll and tax services, integrated with Core HR, and time & attendance, streamlines your processes and keeps you in compliance. 

Add tax credits, expense tracking, and other options to reduce expense and simplify work. 



Create Amazing Employee Experiences

SinglePoint and its partners bring you solutions spanning organizations with just a few hundred employees to those with tens of thousands of employees. Whether you are looking to replace your Core HCM or optimize processes in a specific department, we can help. 

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