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In close collaboration with the HR consulting community, our team partners with middle-market business owners and executives to implement world-class HR technology that improves business outcomes.

HCM Solutions

All the Best HR Software Under One Roof

Our flagship cloud-based offering, SinglePoint HCM, combines the best HR software into a single user experience. This best-of-breed or ecosystem approach means your business gets the right tools to power growth. SinglePoint HCM is the easiest-to-use and most flexible Core HR and employee system of record.

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We Find the Right Vendors for Your Industry

Don't settle for mediocre HR functionality from an ERP or payroll system. Our thorough process will uncover your most pressing needs so that we can bring your People Operations (People Ops) the tools needed to attack bottlenecks before they slow your company's growth.

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International and U.S. Payroll

Whether you need to interface to your existing payroll system, replace it with SinglePoint, or expand globally, we can help. Now it's easier than ever to find and pay talent anywhere. We'll help you sort through the options for contracting or hiring talent globally.

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Streamline Operations

Get rid of all of your paper, starting with your onboarding process. Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets. Seamlessly connect the best tools for scheduling your team. Drive your processes through automated workflows. Easily share policies and documents while integrating with tools you use, like Microsoft Teams and Slack. Transcend HR policy management with knowledge tools that help drive sales.

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Hire and Retain Top Talent

Finding and keeping the best talent is more challenging than ever, with some industries facing unprecedented talent shortages. Employers must leverage the latest recruiting and employee retention tools to stay competitive with the major brands. Fortunately, AI, recruitment marketing, and science-based surveying are affordable to organizations of all sizes.

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Services to Help You Execute

After our functional analysts help you find the right software, our amazing service team and IT experts work to move your business to the next level. We'll do the heavy lifting to automate processes, migrate data, and make life easier.


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